Lius not Gump, their "教育方法" is *effective*, but


送交者: PhonyDoctorPhD 于 2005-1-03, 18:59:00:

回答: 除了德育方面外,偶觉得刘氏父母的教育方法很好 由 xj 于 2005-1-03, 18:45:17:

Whether it is "good" or not is upto individuals.

Lius' method is effective, in one case. Can it be
copied? It is upto those who found it "good" and
actually "practise" it to tell. In about 10 years,
we can do a meaningful research then given the
vast number of Lius' followers.

I wouldn't compare Liu to Gump. First, Gump is
fictional. Gump's persistence and luck are so
unreal that it becomes dramatic, so much so
to make a good movie. More important, Gump never
ever wanted to be famous or rich. Quite the
opportisite, he religiously believe "life is
like a box of chocolate". He never tried to
control his life, but let his internal good
guided him through life. If there is anything
between Liu and Gump, it is the fact that
they represent EXACTLY the opposite of
two camps of philosophy about life -- the
Chinese conservative way and the western liberal way.



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