on your account, one more ethical point


送交者: apate 于 2005-1-03, 21:09:17:

回答: 我们要不要相信大多数群众的基本智慧?不要 由 PhonyDoctorPhD 于 2005-1-03, 20:59:34:

here is one more ethical point of mine:

mass disemination of ideas, esp. through media, is not intrinsically bad or good. but the real ethical problem is whether or not the audience and the speaker are given the chance to share the common ground of concensus: that is, one has to be explicit about one's persuasive intention and method to be fair. a case in point is paid infomercial. such media materials usually make it clear and explicit to the audience that it is paid and it is not scientifically validated. if, however, they conceal such facts, they are violating ethical principles in this media age. the same thing apply to the Lius. if they deliberately put stories together and make far-fetched connection without tellin the audience, or use other means of subliminal tactics, they are on the verge of ethical misconduct as well. in a sense, the media also play an important role by portraying the parents as "quality education expert". this title is morally misleading, because it presents to the mass audience an *unwarranted* air of authority.



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