Don't want to talk "主义", but


送交者: PhonyDoctorPhD 于 2005-1-03, 19:54:19:

回答: 刘家的方法不是conservative, 是现实主义者。成功者大多属于这。 由 xj 于 2005-1-03, 19:21:44:

By aiming "success" at the goal of a conventional
value creation path, what is called "现实主义"
is a form of "conservative value": which means that
your value is predefined by what is defined by
the society ahead of you so that all one needs is to
get to the famous schools, become part of an elite,

There is nothing wrong in that, but that kind of
path is not copiable. By its own nature, the
very purpose of being elite is to exclude others.
If everyone can be an elite, than elite cedes to
be elites. If everyone gets into Harvard, Harvard
becomes old-traford -- the Manchester United stadium
that everyone could get it :)

Now you shall see the internal conflict between
Lius' theory and the path illustrated in the book:
Lius path is a path to elite, but they are selling
it as if it were a universally applicable method.

So choose to believe in one or the other, but
please don't tell me you can believe in both and
be happy about it ;)



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