Lius education method of course have "积极的一面"!


送交者: PhonyDoctorPhD 于 2005-1-03, 20:04:40:

回答: “榜样的力量是无穷的” 由 桂铭 于 2005-1-03, 19:21:43:

What are you talking about?

I never disputed that it does NOT have 积极的一面.
It has more than 一面. For example, it makes a
girl get into Harvard. Getting into Harvard means
a life-time benefit of alumini network
connections from which one can benefit a great deal.
It also makes the family famous and rich, bringing
about great financial rewards and self-achievement.
As a product, the book is a great seller.

What I disputed, is whether or not such 积极的一面
can be copied.

An analogy is investment method. Someone makes a
killing in Google, selling his house to buy Google
at $100 and sell today at $200. Does his method
has 积极的一面? Of course it does! Was he
"successful"? Money never lie! In retrospective,
he is a f***ing genieus! If he published his
thought process in a book will you follow his
"method" and are you willing to sell your house
when the "next big thing" seems to come????

In economy, there is something called opportunity
cost. When it comes to education, the
opportunity cost of copying someone's "experience"
is the unique development of your unique child
who might be even more successful in its own way
than the one you trying to "copy" with a very very
slim chance of success.

For all of you supporters, I have nothing to say
anymore but this

if you think it is so good, feel free to copy
and use those on your own children



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