And Samuel C. C. Ting 1975 Nobel for Physics


送交者: henry 于 May 03, 2003 10:15:32:

回答: 噢,原来是这样。 由 nniu 于 May 02, 2003 13:45:12:

To point out the problems in China's universities does not necessarily mean "to shame" them. That article published in the "Reading Forum" by a Taiwan scholar is in every aspect out of good will.

The bankruptcy of China's universites after 1949 is not because of insufficient fund, nor poor background, nor the quality of scientists, but rather the suffocating system which prohibits any possibility of "thinking otherwise". That is a nation pround of protomoting "billions of people with one mind".

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was largely built by the people from Taiwan. The current president is C. W. Chu (formerly U Texas). It is a very different university even in HK. If there would be some Nobel laureat from China in the near future, they are the best bet.

I mention that the success of Taiwan University or HKUST was not the achievement of Japanese or "Taiwan natives", but those real Chinese scholars who escaped the "revolution" and who managed to keep a Peking U alive in Taiwan while the Peking U in Peking was first turned into a machinetool and more recently to a professional training school.



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