you have missed the point totally. It isn't as cheap as you thought.


送交者: steven 于 2004-12-31, 16:35:36:

回答: Goods in China are cheap 由 NewYorker 于 2004-12-31, 16:18:15:

First, special packaging is required, otherwise, food and medical supplies will be ruined and created even more problems. Emergency clothing, blankets like those made of polyethene, tents and those things also needs to be packed the right way so when distributed, people would get what they need as whole rather then piece meal. Delievery those material needs lot of logistic support and transportation, which China doesn't have any advantage over other countries. China buys oils, and that is not cheap, and China doesn't have military like the US, which is capable transport and deliver with high efficiency. Let along the logistic management in terms of international releif, which China has not done a whole lot. Chinese government had hard time distribute relief to its own people in the past, how much you can expect from it to do such a task?

Certainly the good intention of Chinese government is well appreiciated, but it cannot do too much. Things are not easy as it seems, many hidden cost is hard to calculate if you don't know what you are doing. And certainly Chinese government is not experience in this area at all.



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