it has a lot to do with oil price.


送交者: steven 于 2004-12-31, 18:06:57:

回答: Just wanted to say 500 million RMB was big money to us 由 NewYorker 于 2004-12-31, 17:03:37:

I said it not to remind you that China had been a developing country, I said it because you totally missed the point when you said Chinese products had been cheap. Perhaps the relief from China actually got delievered to those in need may very well be less than those from Australia, since it is a lot closer from Australia to those areas in need. Just think about when you have to gather a couple million dallar worth relief supplies from different places in China, and sending them to different ports through trains, trucks or ship. Then you have to stop other delievery, or at least piggy back with them at the ports to get those supplies loaded on ship, and shipping them to the disastrous areas. Shipping cost, especially with thousands of tones of supplies and many of them require speical packaging and handling. It is not a easy and cheap job, it is very expensive. China will have to pay those cost, with that 500 million RMB, just think about it.



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