Hey, good writing.


送交者: skipper3 于 2005-12-23, 17:46:03:

回答: 灰狗车夜谈 (订正版) 由 田牛 于 2005-12-23, 16:46:07:

But the sentiment expressed in the last paragraph is cheap and completely unnecessary. yeah "我实在无法理解一个不懂外语的中年妇女为什么会花这么大的代价两次出国", this shows you don't understand this female character let alone to learn from her spirit. Your sentiment reflects a sense of superiority over this woman. She is stronger than you and your pitiful sympathy would be an insult to her.

I have a good friend who is SH man and went through the similar journey. He used to work on a Chinese container ship. 15 years ago he decided to become a refugee when his ship made a stop in one of the largest ports in north America. The humble man worked like a dirty dog for over ten years, and had been looked down by educated Chinese students all the time. He is now a proud owner of a leading auto service franchise employing 8 workers, and is earning winner-scale income. But he is still as humble and is still being looked down by educated Chinese students.

The character in your writing resembles America’s early settlers. They are truly strong people and have invented a tradition that makes US of A a strong country.



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