You can not say his English is bad because


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回答: to BerkeleyWolf 由 lll 于 2005-12-14, 18:04:58:

He wrote his name as "Liu Dengyi".

His English may be bad, very very bad. I don't care. However, I don't agree that you can judge his English simply by saying that "look, he even can not write his name"!

"Liu Dengyi" and "Dengyi Liu" are two right ways to write a Chinese name. Period.

Yao Ming is called "Yao Ming" here in the U.S. Noboday calls him "Ming Yao". Yao Ming is Mr. Yao, not Mr. Ming -- a thing everybody understands in the U.S. Yao Ming is Yao Ming, not Ming Yao, simply because he choose this way to show his name. Yao Ming is not stupid.

Of course, Yo-yo Ma is not called Ma Yo-yo. Yo-yo wanted his name as Yo-yo Ma.

As I said before, you can write your name Last name first, or last name last, if your name is a Chinese name. It is a matter of your choice. The unablility to figure out which one is the last name/first name is the consequence of a reader.

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