Any 双语幼儿园 in shanghai that charges lower than USD500


送交者: skipper3 于 2005-9-26, 11:10:11:

回答: 上海的双语幼儿园,是否值得上呢? 由 haishui 于 2005-9-26, 03:10:27:

is likely not to be able to deliver minimum quality 双语 education, although they may actually have high quality chinese teaching staff.

As I said, if you really want your children to be furture winners, you should send them to the best known schools not the best quality ones. In shanghai the best known schools happen to be among the most expensive. One example is the American school. The quality of this school is on par with average American suburban school and there have been a couple of reported incidents regarding underground drug trade and use and wild sex experiment among a bunch of white boys and girls, it is still the top choice for rich English speaking parents who mostly are executive managers working for foreign companies. No matter how crappy the students are by chinese standard, many of them will end up in Harvard and Yale later because their parents are so rich and so well connected. You will do your children a great service to let your children make friends with these well connected people.



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