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回答: 国足回怼球迷:"你行你上啊!",球迷:"输球谁不会啊!把钱给我,让我上!" 由 tsa 于 2019-11-17, 17:32:55:

most chinese fans have no rights to blame the team cause they don't play and they don't allow their kids to play.

let's face the reality: chinese simply don't much like physical exercise, not even ping pong and badminton, let alone football.

and their is no excuse to explain football failure other than that.

education focus? korean parents educat etheir kids no less than chinese ones.

poverty? those african, latin american boys living in slums find every way to play with self made balls, in whatever courts.

turmoil? iraqis reached olympic semifinal, won asian cup amid wars.

corruption? again check those african latin nations.

no excuse, face it we simply don't play. in this sense we are kind of like american men. chinese don't play anything when they grow up, american boys pick those much more profitbale sports, leaving the last choice to football which they call soccer.



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