Where does this guy get so many misinformation? :)


送交者: steven 于 2005-5-13, 15:31:29:

回答: (ZT)扫盲:巡航导弹与中国军队十发十中 由 Europeanese 于 2005-5-13, 07:18:47:

We would be overjoyed if tomahawk have 98% hit. The initial barrage of TLAM attack during desert storm were over 100, not 54. There were totally 288 TLAM fired as part of the integrated air campaign, and the hit rate was 85%. Also the shortest range of TLAM is 1600km not 450km."巡航导弹的速度低,曾有人说发现后可以让伞兵跳上去,让它再飞回去." This is a joke, meant to be funny. Iraq couldn't organize any meaningful air-defense during both desert storm, or the later US invasion. Finding the tomahawk passage is very unlikely, since TLAM were launched from 5 destroyers, 2 battleship and 2 nuke sub from Red Sea and Persian Gulf to destroy high value targets, it would be unlikely for Iraqi to sit there a wait for tomahawk to come. After all, they were being pounded by heavy bombardment from the the whole sky, about 1000 sorties per day, surely Iraqi would have better luck finding other targets than 288 tomahawks.



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