Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association Presents:            HCSSA Contemporary China Seminar Series

Facing the Enemies of Science in China:
Pseudoscience and Corruption in Scientific Community

by Fang, Zhouzi

Time : 7:30-9pm, on Fri. Apr 20th, 2001
Location : Dudley House, 2nd floor, Common Room
Direction:  Please refer to the end of this page.

Dr. Fang Shi-min, better known as "Fang zhouzi" in the world of Chinese WWW, is a biochemist by training. Besides the Ph.D. degree from Michigan State University and the postdoc experience in both Univ. of Rochester and the Salk Institute, he branched off to create the Xin Yu Si, one of the earliest and most popular Chinese websites, in 1994. Currently, he lives in San Diego, California, and is devoting most of his time to science writing and the website development, as well as in independent scientific consulting for bioinformatics companies.

In recent years Dr. Fang devoted major efforts to promoting general public's understanding towards science. This includes his original critics against Falun Gong and his investigations on misconducts in scientific community, including two cases related to Havard. A special web page, http://www.xys2.org/pages/dajia.html, has been established to document these cases.

In this last seminar of the current school year, Dr. Fang is going to share with us his personal experience in fighting against pseudosciences and corruptions in the scientific community. Please join us for this fun and exciting discussion.

Drinks and refreshments will be provided.
For further information, contact Liwei Chen or Liang Luo

Directions: check out the online map at: http://map.harvard.edu/level2/2Yard.shtml

Dudley House (Lehman Hall is at the Southwest corner of Harvard Yard, next to the Mass Ave.

By T: Get out of the Harvard square red line T station from the
      Mass Ave. exit. Enter the Harvard yard from the gate at the
      house is building at your right hand side.

By Car: Parking will be a big problem. If you are coming from the
      Broadway, Kirkland or Cambridge st of Cambridge, the best
      thing you can do is to find a parking before the
      Cambridge St. tunnel, and walk through the Harvard yard to
      Dudley House.