There are two sides of the coin.


送交者: Europeanese 于 2005-5-01, 17:17:50:

回答: 中国腐败是学生造成的吗?因为大环境腐败,就要对学生暴虐?这是什么道理? 由 naran 于 2005-5-01, 16:55:01:

On one hand, many professors in China do not perform as expected. On the other hand, students have the misconception that they are only working for the benefit of the professors when used as cheap labor. They seem to forget completely that they are also working for the benefit of the society. The real issue in the latter case is who should take the credit. There is no straight answer given the financial situation in the graduate system in China nowadays. The standard allowance for students on average is around 500 RMB/month. If you compare with what the students get in the West and make a big fuss about it, then no students should work for their supervisors at all.

Don't forget the entire Chinese economy has been built on cheap labor. Why should grads be treated any better? This exactly the reason why you guys came to the US and stayed. Moreover, it only shows how stupid, ignorant, and disgusting for the students to dig into their professors private life to justify their failure in a graduate program.



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