this is false association and overgeneralizaztion


送交者: xj 于 2005-3-03, 13:03:48:

回答: 有关BTK的新闻引出的问题,为什么教会里坏人不成比例地高 由 2Cul4U4 于 2005-3-03, 11:58:13:

The BTK case should be viewed as individual case, not representing the mass in general.

One can also argue that many series killers were atheists, thus reaching a conclusion that people without religions are more likely to commit crime.

This sort of logic seems pervasive in the US. The 911 incident by a few Muslim fundementalists such as Ben Laden leads to many people believe that Muslim people are all bad.

Further, it is not the church that chooses BTK. It is BTK who chooses the church and the christianity.

On the other hand, agressive religions such as Christianity and Muslim (which were originated from the same source) are appealing to those killers or terrorists. From this point of view, religions do play a role in the psychological development of those killers. Religion can provoke the killing (such as some messages in Koran), and/or soothe the anxiety after killing.

I am not aware of any studies objectively comparing the incidence of crime among religion affiliations. But those religious people may say those killers are not real believers. What the heck!



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