excellent point indeed!!


送交者: yongshi 于 2009-03-25, 15:31:09:

回答: If 学校教育never works, 由 BIGBEN 于 2009-03-25, 12:56:44:

LIE never works,
WHITE LIE is LIE too, thus,
WHITE LIE never works.

Here I defined that those who tell the REAL stuff are conservatives and those who avoid telling the REAL stuff
are liberals, those you mentioned are liberals too.

My 说教, in fact, is not mine, it is
a common sense concerning the SEX issue
among all human beings,
no matter which country you are from and what color your skin is or
what degree you held or how much money you earn ,

if you don't believe it, please do a little experiment
by asking people around you, SEX is not as easily described as a movement of penis inside virgin,
SEX is holy!

'sex within marriage is a blessing and
out of marriage is a curse'



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