not quality education at all.


送交者: apate 于 2005-1-03, 20:49:01:

回答: 姑且可以这么说吧。但这和“素质教育”有关系吗? 由 AA 于 2005-1-03, 20:23:09:

as far as the interview episode is concerned, the Lius' self-claimed Suzhi Jiaoyu is nothing but a farce. let me express my personal opinion about quality education, regarding interviews.

interviews are a matter of persuasion, but persuasion has its own rules. one cannot try every means to please the interviewer. for example, bribery is clearly different from fair game when competing with others in a round of interview. the line is much finer when it comes to disguise one's true purpose and one's false mask. as i said in an earlier thread, insofar as i got to read, the kid has no idea what she is up to, except for the benefit of seeing US landscape and learning about its history. even this idea is what she overheard from others, but it is an honest purpose, after all. (although i would probably request more from her as a middle school student, because a kid of her age should have more complicated personal contructs.) but the parents violently dismiss her only thought and indoctrinate into her mind with their own vulgar values. in a sense, her parents are the real mastermind behind this whole interview business.

in short, this episode is a terrible negative moral lesson to the kid. it teaches her - and many unalarmed readers - the utility of imposing their own thoughts upon the impressionable kids. what if the interviewer got to know that all this fancy girl in the interview is nothing but performance coached by the parents? we will never know. but moral of this story is that for an honest interview to take place, the two parties should be free moral agents themselves speaking on the same ground of concensus. in this facncy story, the girl was obviously not free! and she and the interviewer are not on the same concensus about how one should prep for the interview without any third person's aid.

throw your bricks to me if you will, but please be reasonable, if at all possible.



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