psuedo-science is beyond laughable


送交者: apate 于 2005-1-03, 17:20:22:

回答: Unfortunately, things like this is not so laughable as a joke :( 由 PhonyDoctorPhD 于 2005-1-03, 17:04:31:

psuedo-science is horrible. the typical way of doing psuedo-science is to make a one-sided argument, like the one the Lius did. simply put, it is a way of citing piecemeal of so-called scientific discovery and then crunch it for the purpose of their utility. lab mice deprived of sleep will be dead in a week or so. even if this is a fact, it does not carry any educational or moral implications. it can be used as an evidence for the protection of children from abuse, thus having them sleep well. isn't this the most basic humane way of paranthood?

unfortunately, the Lius not only abused so-called scientific discovery, but also abused their own kid! so, instead if protecting their girl from lack of sleep, they can now boast of how the girl succeeded in conquering even scientific laws by her perseverance and strong will. what else can be more horrible and immoral about parenthood than this kind of manipulation?

in short, the Lius are guilty of the crime of "double" abuse. first, abuse of so-called scientific discovery, to give themselves the mask of scientificality. second, the abuse of their own child, to derive her of basic human rights, in the name of success and vurtuoity, which are merely ideology to the discerning eyes of anyone who has a sense of conscience.

god forbidden.



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