About nine months salary re: 阿蒙《关于王飞凌的“西点传奇”》


送交者: wslbb 于 2004-12-31, 14:40:47:

In US university, most assistant professor position pays 9 months salary, and you can get 3 months summer salary from grants (NSF only pays 2 months). Usually for new faculty the school will give a start up package that pays 1-3 years summer salary, and you are expected to apply for your own grant after that. Some military academy pays 12 months salary as faculty on those positions aren't expected to apply for grants to pay the additional summer money. Some soft money positions also pay 12 months, in which case they are expected to get all their salary from grants. In some research area it's difficult to get grant money, and very few school offers start up money. In those cases 12 months salary position may be considered more attractive than 9 months position. If that is the case for 王飞凌's area, then he is not exaggerating in saying his starting salary is higher than his peers. 生活补贴 could be very substantial compared to the salary, depending on the area. One thing I know is that faculty in SF get heavy subsidy in housing, otherwise they won't be able to afford a house. Wang didn't give any details for his case, but I don't think 阿蒙 gave any hard evidence to doubt his honesty in this regard.

Quote from 阿蒙《关于王飞凌的“西点传奇”》:
  2)王飞凌说:“就报酬而言,因为含有大纽约地区的“生活补助”并十二 个月的年薪(美国大学教授工资多为九个月年薪),比我在大学任教的大多数师兄 师姐们的起薪都高了一截。”这里也有吹嘘的成分。美国政府雇员跟很多大学教 师一样,都是所谓的“年薪制”,只不过大学将年薪分成九个月发给教师罢了。 王说他是西点的“助理教授”,军校“助理教授”的薪金跟普通大学相差无几。 至于所谓的“生活补贴”其实没有多少钱,根本可以忽略不计。



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