I am an “independent researcher” too, but lucky than you are.


送交者: AI 于 2005-2-04, 14:32:25:

回答: 新的计算机结构 由 CP 于 2005-2-03, 23:10:44:

I guess you were the one who asked for if you can publish your paper with your home address, months ago. I am an independent researcher too in a sense differing from my profession of well paid, high rank and stable job within my education. My hobby is something else academic. Independent researcher is a hard job. You have to have your own idea and however you have to prove it on your own. These are the problems in you paper. You have to somehow simulate your design to prove it works, or nowhere is going to publish you paper. You also need to have a lot of references (>30) to show the reviewer that you know what is going on in the area.

That is the case of my paper based on my hobby. It gets published with good reviewing of A- on both importance and originality.

BTW, too much emotion is not good



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