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送交者: skipper3 于 2005-2-01, 01:34:01:

I want to make it clear I did not mean chinese should forget the Opium War. What I meant was that, the event was over, Chinese lost western countries wan, it's closed. You accept it and don't read too much into this piece of history, becasue you think too much about your defeat you get yourself scared. Consider it as a boxing game. All we have seen was only round one.

Western was not as strong as people might have thought and China was not that weak either, a fact rightfully pointed out even by many western intellectuals. Even in that war China had chance to defeat the Brits. British parliment had a lengthy debate before they sending out their fleet becasue they were not 100% sure they would win. They took their chance and they had their luck. Now you have a chance to stage a come back. You study your enemy, get yourself focused, make sure you have a plan and execute it with discipline. So far so good.

About 焦国标, if you were asking me, I say he is a SB. "if can't beat them, join them" is certainly an option but not the only option. You need to SuanZhang, determine the price you have to pay for joining "them" and decide if you want to pay such a price. But this is not relevant because I don't see any reason why chinese can not win.

The story of 卧薪尝胆 can hardly apply in today's world. The world is very different than that 160 yrs ago. You don't have a clear enemy to kill any more, only competitors and they know your intention as well as yourself do. Now the only way to beat them you have to trade with these guys, which means from time to time you have to give them sth valueble. That's how things work.

Regarding winner/loser. Don't be bothered. To be winner is simple: you manage to get more return than you put in. That's it. Yes some people are poor and not as better off but if they put in a lot less (money, energy, time you name it) while still live a happy life they are still winners. One thing I want to point out: invest in a family, you just put in very little but can get huge return. Anyone who has a happy family is a winner.



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