then by the same token


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回答: 所以说古巴的医疗卫生体系还是成功的 由 HunHunSheng 于 2005-12-05, 20:41:07:

we can say "世界上几个长寿地区的医疗卫生体系是成功的" which doesn't sound that convincing. People who can live long don't need health care system that much when they are < 70 year old.

I think gene is the most important factor in deciding one's longevity, e.g., if one's liver produces too much calastrol, then too bad s/he runs the risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Of cource life style matters too, e.g., the same person can compensate that by eating more veggies and less meats etc. But unlike other risks, the hereditory risks cannot be eliminated. The best one can do is to first do an hereditary assessment of one's health risks and then to live one's life in such a way that minimizes those risks; exercise alone probably doesn't solve all the problems even though it does make one feel better and boost one's confidence. Hey come to think of it, winter is here which means it's ski season again...Yippee...



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