LYT chose Harvard, in part because that would support her parents' theory


送交者: apate 于 2004-12-29, 15:30:20:

回答: I am not sure Liu Yuting can be treated as a product 由 jxh 于 2004-12-29, 14:57:45:

i said "in part" because i don't deny her "free" choice and "free" action to achieve it, at least to some extent. but as she said, "When she got to Harvard, it was much stronger proof" that her parents' educational theories were valuable ( therefore, it is at least legitimate to question the motivation behind her choice. this question gets even more imperative, if we consider the Lius' so-called pedagogical techniques that seem to deny the child's rights, especially freedom from fear and discomfort. (a case in point is having the kid to hold ice for 15 minutes.) in a nutshell, it is a matter of ethics, one between utilitarian and deontological approaches. for utilitarians - and the Lius seem to among them, they want to achieve whatever deemed to be good. but from the deontological perspective, one needs to do what is right, even if that right thing may not bring the maximum of good. a case in point is the kid's self-esteem and right to private thought. for a person respecting what is right and obeys moral duties, it is horrendous to violate the kid's privacy of thought and self-esteem by scrutinizng his or her diary.

in short, the so-called educational theory - are the Lius entitled to use the word "theory" in its proper sense? - is not only a matter of educational techniques, but also betrays a fundamental problem in the moral standards and practices of many Chinese families.



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