I think peasant women becoming prostitute would be quite common


送交者: psycho 于 2005-10-25, 12:19:07:

回答: I blame the communists for all the sins 由 LLow 于 2005-10-25, 11:45:07:

in the poor countries where prostitute prevail, simply because that's a largest pool for poor women without hope or job. I believe (proving is easy yet time-consuming), the situation of the Chinese peasant women are much better than their counterpart in the sub-Sahara countries and even India, in terms of all standard measurement of living standard and human rights. I guess the lower suicide rate in those countries, if true, is due to either religion (preventing suicide no matter how desperate) or that many girls can not even live up to the woman-hood, where most pressures takes place.

By the way, CCP is definitely nasty and should have done much more goods than it has done. But I guess, at least at the beginnning, due to its official ideology, it had done some good to women either directly or indirectly (e.g. better essential medical service to lower infant mortality rate or maternal death).What's alarming is that it is reverting these good policy (e.g. if we don't trackle the rocketing medical expenditure, women are suffering more and we can almost surely see a rising infant mortality rate in the future.)Of course, it had done something very bad to the peasants, women included.



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