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80/90年代 Tian-Todorov Lemma
The history about the proof that the moduli space of CY manifolds is uno
bstructed. In 1980 Bogomolov proposed a method how to prove that the mod
uli space of varieties with canonical class zero is unobstructed. His ar
guments are beautiful and work only for Hyper-Kahler. I started to work
on the problem that the moduli space of CY manifolds is unobstructed in
1986. The same year I published a preprint in MPI. In December of 1986 I
received a letter from Tian stating that he had discovered the same xxx
xula, which now is called Tian-Todorov Lemma.

In 1992 during my visit to Princeton I met Nadal (a student of Yum-Tung)
. He explained me that Tian is very dishonest person. He told me that Ti
an knew about my preprint before he wrote the paper about the moduli of
CY. Nadal told me that he saw Tian to study my preprint in Harvard.

My paper contains more results. Unfortunately Cumrum Vafa and his author
s called Tian gauge one of my observations in the paper. I told Cumrum a
bout it and he put the reference to my MPI preprint of 1986 in his paper
with Bershadky, Cecotti and Ouguri.

Once Kazhdan asked me what I think about Tian. I told him that I think t
hat he is a capable mathematician. Then Kazdan told me that Tian never i
n his life proved any Theorem that was not known or expected.


Andrey Todorov



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