this is an interesting question


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回答:  林毅夫重提“穷人经济学” 由 xj 于 2005-10-14, 18:27:22:

I think there are several assumptions here behind the "poverty economics."

First, it assumes that being rich is desirable, which is true.

second, there exists a system through which one can become rich

third, the gap become the rich and the poor can be narrowed

Finally, those who are rich can obtain their wealth not hurting the poor

The last one is surreal and debatable.

However, the most important question is how to define the "rich" and "poor." It seems to me Lin blended the "absolute" and "relative" cocept of "poverty." Lin proposed to focus on labor intensive job market which is low tech and low profit. It is unlikely that the poor can become rich when working on these jobs. In fact, the migrating workers are already in this market, and the difference between them and the rich are widened.

One way to increase the wealth of the poor is encouraging domestic consumption among the rich and the middle class-- not the house but the luxury stuff.

Currently. the middle class people are stuck in the house issues. Lots of money are put in the house and other financial investments--good for themselves, but bad for the nation as a whole.



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