It depends. My opinion is that, the most important


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criterion is your age. If you are still young I recommend term insurance. If you are in late middle age and up vul could be a better choice.

The primary goal is to reduce overal financial risk. The risk in question has two types: your wage income, and the value of your insurance policy. The first type of risk is covered by your insurance policy so you don't have worry about that. So let's look at the second type of risk.

Asset that carries cash value has lower risk exposure if it is more liquid. Generally speaking a vul policy is less liquid than other self managed investment vehicles such as stocks. However, if you are old, the uncertainty surrounding the value of a VUL policy is lower because the time horizon is shorter, which means the level of this type of risk is lower.

Term insurance does not carry cash value therefore it is not subject to such risk.



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