About link, picture


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About link.
If you read Mr. Tao Shilong’s website, you will find that XYS adopted some of Tao’s articles, and all the links of Tao’s articles are removed in XYS. That’s the problem: From Tao’s link, we can get much more information to support his view, but in XYS, reading Tao’s same articles, you feel that he tried to say somebody did this, somebody did that, but is it trustful? Is there any mis-understanding?

About Picture.
Two months ago, people were talking about how to verify 勾股定理. They talked and talked and talked. But no one show any picture how to link the triangles. Can you imagine to solve geometry problem without drawing anything?

Txt is the most efficient format.
Yes, it is the most efficient. But do we only need efficiency? Do you only eat the most efficient food? Do you go out driving and enjoy the wind, the sunshine, and the nature? Now the XYS server is poor, that's why we have to use "the most efficient format". If we have a powerful server, we can sit back and enjoy the life...



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