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送交者: insight 于 2005-9-24, 22:56:24:

送交者: xj 于 2005-9-24, 10:23:19:

1) fundementally wrong

Reply: I believe it is your your emotional response;

2) emotion is subconscious, so does feelings.

Reply: feelings are the awareness of sensory inputs and emotion and they are imagination as a result of the running of mental models stimulated by sensory inputs and emotion. When you understand and are aware of what you feel, consciouness is on.

3) dividing mind into conscious and subconscious is old fashioned.

Reply: I would rather use "time-honoured", old is great.

4) I think what you need is to separate logical and illogical mental activities.

Reply: Sorry, you got it wrong here. logical and illogical activities can be deterministic and algorithmic.

5) Logical activities, even with some probabilities, can be simulated very well. For example, problem solving, language learning (not natural language level yet) can be programmed using certain algorithms. However, the way computer does is still linear (or parellel linear system), while human mind is far more than parellel linear system.

Reply: totally iilogical.

6) Illogical thinking is still far beyond computer simulation. For example, feelings and emotions are expressed based on experience and also evolutionally hard wired. However, no computer can simulate them.

Reply: A thermostat can have emotion, why can't you simulate it? What is impossible to simulate is UNDERSTANDING.



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