no, that is forced labor. Those prisoners don't get


送交者: steven 于 2005-9-16, 16:47:26:

回答: They have no freedom anyway. It's similar to community service 由 starfire 于 2005-9-16, 16:32:51:

any share of profits out of it. Community service is not for profit. The license plates made by prisoners in the US are not for profits, the sales only covers the materials and the wages paid to the prisoners.

I still remember in the early 90s or late 80s. I watched a reporter interviewed a Chinese diplomate regarding forced labor. That diplomate plainly denied Chinese exporting products from prisons. The reports shown a footage of undercover vedio tape about conversations between the undercover reporter pretending as a business man, and a Chinese official plus someone acting as a intermediate (that person may be from HK). The chinese official or the intermediate claimed the prison guards had their ways to ensure qualities by punishing those prisoners not doing well. The Chinese diplomate rejected the claimed, and implied the anti-chinese interest group made this up. Then the interviewer took a year book published by Chinese government with the highlighted lines claiming the exports of prisoner-made product earning good profit. It was such a slap on the Chinese diplomate's face. I couldn't feel any better.



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