About Autism


送交者: insight 于 2005-8-18, 03:41:00:

Autistic persons are visual thinkers, which explains why they can easily systemize things. However, autistics find it difficult to read other people's minds, meaning that they lack the ability to take the inductive leap to form mind models and concepts which confer intuition. As a result, they can not figure out what is behind the face of a person and have poor sociability . Therefore they have to try very hard to use logic within a closed system or fixed rules to figure out the gist of many details, which normal people with good intuition can easily obtain without paying much attention to the details. To put it another way, autistics can easily see the trees but find it difficult to see the woods, while normal people are the opposite.

Verbal thinkers belong to the other side of the spectrum, who may have a good command of languanges and abstract numbers and names, but do not have a good sense of space and patterns, thus not good at remembering visual details and Maths. Verbal thinkers can take the intuitive leap to form mind models and associate seemingly disparate systems easily with the help of languages. Unfortunately, during the process of doing these, they may lose the details that the autistics can not forget.



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