Let me WenKe suggest a solution to the power line problem.


送交者: skipper3 于 2005-8-15, 11:52:06:

Main power line causes little or no harm during the day when the house is mostly empty. So I say we only let it operate during the day.

Now the problem is that each household needs a device to store an amount of electricity, large enough for the house hold to consume for the evening and night. A MIT doctor once told me electric motor is very energy efficient. So I suggest a flying wheel powered by an electrical motor. I know it's quite easy to design the motor in a way that allows it to be used as a generator. So during the day, the flying wheel is charged by the motor and in the evening and night the wheel releases energy and have it transformed back into electricity.

This will also solve the peak hour electricity usage problem. I know the problem of electricity shortage in bigh cities is not caused by energy shortage but because of network overloading during the peak hour in the evening. With my solution, each house hold has 10 hours to charge the flying wheel. This eliminates peak hour.

I estimate the cost of the flying wheel system can be lowered to $1000 or so as soon as every home has one of such system. This will require government legislation of cause.



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