Again, one must think politics


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When talking about international stuff.

Until that day world affairs is determined by facts and logic, until universal values achieved, there is always the "ass" issue, the "our SOB" issue.

Fang should realize he is way ahead of 99.9% Chinese, and it is quite safe to say he is ahead of majority of westerners too.

This world is severely unbalanced, of course Chinese need to catch up, and one has to say Chinese are doing quite well a job, comparing, say, to Indians. But it is also important for advanced nations to be sensitive to feelings of less developed ones .

For a nation like Chinese with humiliating history, it is expected they are very sensitive to discrimination, and combined with cultural difference, they simply can,t appreciate western ways of sarcasm. They need time, education. And in the meantime advanced ones need to be considerate, patient, sensitive. It is always a 2 way street. Always it is better to put into others shoes in thinking. Fang only asks one way, urging Chinese to be enlightened to be more like Swedish, how about the reverse, Swedish people more thinking about different culture, more sensitive?

Many like to mock Koreans on their sensitivity , if you put into their shoes, with thousands of years of threat from neighbors, it is understandable they are like this.

It's fair to ask Sweden government ( and society too)to address this issue, to remind their people of other nations feelings, just as important as Chinese government to improve own citizens.

This reminds me of Hollywood movie about assasination of kim3, as horrendous as he is,it is not right to make such a movie, using his real name. He is the leader of a member of the UN, if he wants, he could visits UN assembly and give a speech in front of all world. Of course the movie should have been played like normal, however it is not right



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