pentagon just admitted


送交者: kma 于 2020-01-17, 16:00:51:

回答: 到底1/8伊朗的导弹袭击有没有造成美军伤亡?川普有撒谎的病根,5叫大楼呢? 由 Hoffman 于 2020-01-16, 19:53:02:

wow, now i tend to believe it's american intel, not iran's deliberate tipping, that secured the light casualty result.

while one must admire american's spying prowess (also evidenced by the monitoring of the killed iran general) and should get great attention from all American's adversaries (RUMORED KIM3 CANCELLED ALL recent public activities), it's another embarrassing showcase of iran, they have no self control!, it's totally leaking all "top secret".

besides, what if the missile attack got a big success?! killing plenty americans? that could put iran and all middle east in great harm's way, hard to believe trump would swallow that.

i say "tend to", i just can't totally believe iran dared to do that openly (they use proxy forces killing Americans in iraq which is much less news catching). well, we might not be knowing the truth for a long long time as both nations have certainly classify much of the information involved.



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