foreign policy only


送交者: kma 于 2020-01-03, 14:58:40:

回答: Trump is not much different from others? Not even close. 由 silxirt 于 2020-01-03, 14:05:20:

americans are quite in consensus on dealing with the world. isolationism is rare now, i expected a little from trump, but no, his foreign policy is much saner than domestic ones.

except on iran and china, trump is very mild. who would have met kim3, let alone twice?! no maater how controversial, those meetings did decrease the tensions. except vs iran and on israel, trump would like withdrawing from middle east. trump wanted to decrease tensions with russia. and so far, he has restraine dfrom military action vs venezuela.

what about obama, this peace przie winner was deeply involved in arab spring, maybe mccain would have done the same or even more interfering, but obama would be forever linked with what happened in syria, libya an dyemen.



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