and what about this missile shooting down civilian plane?


送交者: kma 于 2020-01-10, 14:09:55:

回答: why "retreating"? 由 kma 于 2020-01-10, 13:47:44:

this just tells you how embarrassingly corrupt and incomptent iranian system is. anothing thing it could learn some from china.

china's military is very corrupt too, but it has some common sense, better safe than sorry, just check how amny civilian flights got delayed in china. let 's say one scenario which is not absurd at all:

tsai got reelected (almost certain) and more ambitious than chen sb, china wants to show some color see see, fire some misslies around TW, you cna bet most SE china flights will either be heavily delayed or cnacelled.

this iran fiasco is almost like a hugr joke if not for such a tragedy it is: very simple solution: how about just delay all nearby flights a bit when attacking iari targets? and nayway iran only wanted to show a symbolic attack, what's the big deal about delaying a bit?



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