Staci Zaretsky呼吁:开除 JanathanTurley. (不太可能;但他可能很难呆下去)


送交者: Hoffman 于 2019-12-06, 20:40:14:

回答: 500多 法律教授发表公开信:支持弹劾川普! 由 Hoffman 于 2019-12-06, 20:31:00:

I hope this message finds you all well, ladies and gentleman. Aside from Mr. Turley, of course.

I am writing you all after listening to Jonathan Turley’s disgraceful statement defending the corrupt and impeachable actions of President Trump at the House Judiciary impeachment hearing today. I know you all cringe inside knowing that you are affiliated in some way with Turley and have to work or study at the same institution in which he is employed.

He should be removed from his position at George Washington University immediately, for he is a disgrace to your great University, a disgrace to the Constitution, a disgrace to the rule of law, a disgrace to himself, as well as a disgrace to this entire great nation.

He is defending the indefensible and I hope that all of the Deans at GWU Law and the students will recognize that he is not serving in the best interest of our country and is a detriment to the success of your school’s future reputation. His actions today were spineless and shameful. He is clearly a lackey for the Trump Administration.

Please consider my words carefully. I trust you will act appropriately and reprimand this sad excuse of a man.

— a letter sent by a fellow named Michael, who requested that his last name not be published because he “hop[ed] not to receive any backlash on this personally or professionally,” to deans, presidents, and student body groups at George Washington University School of Law, calling for the removal of Professor Jonathan Turley, following his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on behalf of the Republicans as their lone expert on impeachment



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