SF's e-cig ban doesn't make sense


送交者: kma 于 2019-06-26, 13:32:42:

it's generally believed e-cig is better than traditional tobacco. how could one bans the former but not the later?

if this is about underage concern, do the same thing as with old policy, ban selling to underage.

if it's about product defect, there is lawsuit available. if it's widespread problem like boeing plane, federal government could issue temporary ban until problem fixed.

most people agree there has to be some regulation or oversight on e-cig. but total ban? non sense. not based on science or commen sense.

i sense a more likely explanation: human being's natural distrust of new stuff. we consciously or unconsciously resist change, even if it's for the better.

similar cases can be found on backlashes against uber and airbnb.

btw: our pursuit of happiness is inscribed in the constitution. no one can deny that. lucky one sget pleasure through healthy hobby, such as hiking, exercise, volunteering. but most people are just common, with common weakness. when bored or under pressureor just want more fun, we need easy ways to satify our needs. unfortunately many solutions now are unhealthy:

sweets, fried food, gambling, paid sex, drugs...

and tobaccos.

the only way to deal with it is same way with every isue, science advance. get healthier better ways to please ourselves. we improve our ways to satisfy our everlasting and evergrowing needs, especially mental ones.

e-cig is one, a good start to fix smoking issue, improve it, don't ban it. banning alcohol already proved to be futile, the oldest profession of human civilization cna never be really banned, neither tobacco, let alone e cig.



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