Show it to the blind, tell it to the deaf and explain it to the determined mind?


送交者: silxirt 于 2019-01-27, 11:10:02:

回答: JamWitUSD: 川普没有勾结俄国,只是他们有 -- 由 Hoffman 于 2019-01-27, 09:30:48:

There is no reception hence no perception. Even when it becomes solid libe even or when he proudly admit: yes I did it. The supporters would say: so what? The republicans would say: I don’t see he did anything Demonstrates never did. AND the Chinese Immigrants would say: I agree with what he believes (they never realize he believes himself ONLY) and I came from a place where it’s 100 times worse...

The system, the audience, the soil that cultivated this poisonous weed is what we should work on. This moron will be gone in 6 years for sure, hopefully with free housing in jail, but the environment is still toxic, maybe only Russian invasion can fix it?

I know, I’m pessimistic.



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