AA is still needed, more than ever


送交者: kma 于 2018-04-06, 18:37:01:

回答: 族群只应该限制在统计,人文,科学上,社会和政治中不应该有族群区分 由 bluesea 于 2018-04-06, 14:59:59:

not just in campus, but also urgently needed in government positions especially like police. jsut imagine when a black officer shot a fellow black, would balck community woulkd still be that angry?

america in history has committed "original sins" against native and african americans, they did pretty a good job on the first (still lots of problem like poor health, drug, suicide, low education, but way better than black problem), but certainly not teh 2nd, as amny says now MLK, if still alive, would have been greatly disappointed.

yet AA plays only a minor role, african parents play the decisive role. every african paretn should ask themsleves, if my kid fails again, should i blame myself or society? hopefully america can progress that much so no africa parent can use society as excuse.



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