only science can save us


送交者: kma 于 2018-02-21, 16:40:43:

回答: 政客又在谈加强学校安全,不敢动枪。估计自己也以为是在干人事 由 silxirt 于 2018-02-21, 10:06:23:

for adults to argue, they need to stipulate to a universal arbitration rule, only science can play that role.

if majority people respect science (i.e., facts and logic), issues like gun control, abortion, immigration or climate change would be non issues at all.

even for complex ones such as economy or health care, we can design experiments and after certain time to evaluate, say caliofrnia and texas, such two extremes on almost every issue, how about each one try a health care system, and people can vote the best later, or simply vote with feet



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