right, look at the state's rule


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A18) Q. I have a "green card" and have lived in Texas for several years. Am I prohibited from purchasing firearms and ammunition in Texas? [Back]

As long as you are not otherwise prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms and ammunition (for example, a felon), Federal law does not prohibit you from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition. However, you will need to put your INS-issued alien number or admission number on the Form 4473. Moreover, you must make sure there are no State or local restrictions on such a purchase.

(A19) Q. I am a nonimmigrant alien. I purchased a firearm in this country in early 1998 after providing the Federal firearms dealer proof that I was in the United States legally and had resided in the State for more than 90 days. I was told that this transaction was legal then. Am I entitled to keep that firearm and any ammunition I have on hand? Is there a "grandfather" clause in the new regulations that would protect me from criminal liability?

Since October 21, 1998, when the Gun Control Act was amended to make nonimmigrant aliens a new category of prohibited persons, nonimmigrant aliens generally have not been able to possess firearms and ammunition in the United States. Our regulations simply implement this statutory prohibition. The law does not allow us to create a "grandfather clause" in our regulations. Therefore, unless you obtain a valid State hunting license or permit (or fall within one of the other exceptions), your possession of the firearm and ammunition is NOT legal



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