that's not the point.


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回答: 2.40元/分钟才不能代表呢 由 testtest 于 2005-6-02, 17:07:25:

In US telcos get LD phone business mostly from corporate clients, who pay good premium for quality of service. The rate they pay (may not be per call/min basis depending on the contarct) is generally much higher than residential rates. In China I have enough reason to speculate that corporate market is relatively small so LD operators need to make it up from residential market. This is essentially an issue of economies of scale.

Now you can say why spending so much to build the capacity when there is not enough customer. It is a legitimate question. But on the other hand, infrastructure is critical to attract investments and to ensure future growth. I don't see anything wrong providing wireless coverage in every corner of the country, something questioned by this old man.

The waste of telecom investment in US is also huge. One example is Global Crossing. The company spent billion laying fibers and building networks in the dot-com hay days, only to see 90% of the fibre never get lighted up. The company later was huanted by scandals and later went bankrupt. One form of waste in US is a bit invisible: the stock market from which telcos and equipment makers raise capital. Literally hundres of billions of dollars from investors into the industry were completely wasted during the last several years, and widely spreaded corruption brought down big companies such as Worldcom. While all this is happening, some bean counters are only paying attention to how many pennies he is spending on every minute.



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