Response by Shu-Kun Lin to allegations about data-stealing in the late 1980s


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Response by Shu-Kun Lin to allegations about data-stealing in the late 1980s

Xin Ge, writing under the pen name “Yi Ming” operates a website, with numerous articles written against Dr. Shimin Fang (pen name Fang Zhouzi), a well-known campaigner against academic fraud in China. Since 2012 when Dr. Fang received the John Maddox Award, sponsored by the journal Nature, he has prepared many posts in English, including more than 30 "Open Letters to Nature" (these can be found at which have all been ignored by Nature.

One of these "Open Letters to Nature" is against me (Shu-Kun Lin; I wish to comment on one allegation included in this letter: that I was “kicked out” of the University of Louisville for stealing data.

I was a graduate student in the USA (University of Louisville, January 1987–July 1989). I moved from University of Louisville in USA to Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zürich) in July 1989.

The allegation "Lin is a chemist. he was kicked out in 1989 by U Lousiville for stealing data" and “he published a paper with his boss with data stolen from mainland china” were reported by an anonymous commentator “sd237” in 2002 at At the time I was very busy organizing a conference participated by four Nobel Prize winners (see: and I was not aware of this post. However, when the same commentator reposted the same allegations in 2006 at it caught my attention and I responded immediately. The matter was not mentioned further. Xin Ge used only the 2002 post and claimed that I had never responded. My responses at and state that the only paper published with a professor at the University of Lousiville is

S. -K. Lin, C. Trapp*, Formation of 9,10-Diphenylanthracene Radical Cation from Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Reactions. Absence of the Triphenylsilyl Radical, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1988, 53, 698-700
(DOI: 10.1021/jo00238a043, Publication Date: February 1988)

Professor C. Trapp has listed this paper in his "Selected Publications" at (accessed in 2006. This page is not there now). The paper has been cited several times.

My paper with Professor C. Trapp (my first research supervisor at Louisville) was published at the beginning of 1988. I left University of Lousiville in the middle of 1989, long after this paper was published. My PhD supervisor Dr. Richard J. Wittebort at the Chemistry Department of University of Lousiville, provided recommendation letter to support my transfer to another university. I left because my ex-wife, studying at the same university, and I were divorcing. I wanted to leave and she wished to stay (she finished her PhD studies at the Chemistry Department of University of Lousiville). I chose ETH-Zurich in Switzerland, a prestigious university at which Einstein studied.

I am proud of my academic record at both the University of Louisville and ETH-Zurich and with this statement, wish to clarify the circumstances in which I transferred from one to the other.

See also a statement from MDPI:



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