I could not remember whether I did or not


送交者: boxer 于 2005-5-13, 13:58:30:

回答: Visiting Kykuit Mansion. 由 cornbug 于 2005-5-13, 13:31:21:

At least I didn't go recently.

My wife likes this kind of stuff. I had to go with her since she needed me to shine her shoes, carry her bags, and drive her to and fro.

I think I have been to the westbury garden at least twice(seems to me one film is shot ther, maybe "sleeping hollw"), and several other mansions on long island, like one of the vanderbilt mansions, and houses of several rich guys, whose names do not ring a bell to me anyhow. I had been to Hamptons, and montauks. So called Voyeurisms? I guess.

There is a Vanderbilt summer house near Hyde Park, NY, which should not be far away from Tarrytown. There was a CIA(Cuisine Institute of America) near that town, and a big outlest store nearby. Last time, I tried to eat in but got kick out, since I didn't book in advance. The Vanderbilt house is built near the Hudson river bank. I think it is not far away from this Rockfellers mansion you mentioned.

Vanderbilt family also had some very luxury town houses on the 5th avenue(600 something). Unfortunately, most of them are gone. I think the largest vanderbilt mansion is in North Carolina.



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