the very little bit i know about APP in Yangpu, Hainan


送交者: gordon 于 2005-5-10, 09:09:10:

My wife works in Yangpu, so I have been there quite a few times in the past couple of years. The last time was there, 2005 spring festival, APP had already had trial production. I heard(not see with my eyes) a special specieses of fish(Xiao Huang yu) , local people's favourite sea fish, had all died in the inner sea, and local people gave up eating that species. And the air had ordor(i didnt feel that, for my nose is not so sensitive to smells), and underground water was said to have to been poluted.Government employees, it is said, will use purified water instead of tap water. Yang Pu has anohter big oild refinery under construction. So now Yang Pu's environment has been, or will be ruined.

But house price there has been roaring, for many people now pour into actually a samll town.

I fully support Fang Zhouzi in all his campaigns. To speak out what I know about the situation in Yangpu is only to say what know about Yangpu.



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