my potato and beef.


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回答: 这也麻烦?老兄在家不做饭吧? 由 热干面 于 2013-04-05, 09:24:40:

During Christmas and New Year break of 1998, I was sent to Virginia for business trip. The Satellite network was undergoing a complex maneuver, 7 satellites need to change their orbits, some from parking orbits to the operation orbits, and some the other way around. I was a developer of the satellite control system, and so I was there. After working whole on Christmas Eve in the Satellite Network Operation Center, I left the building around 9 p.m. Every restaurant was closed, not even fast food. Fortunately Food Lion was still open, so I got a sack of potatoes and a pack of breakfast steaks. I went back to the hotel, Marriott Residence Inn suit, I boiled two potato whole, and pan fried one steak. I got some A1, salt and pepper, cut the potatoes and steak, dipped in the sauce, as I eating them. It took about 30 minutes from cooking to finishing the meal.



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